Kobe takes shot at Lebron

Lebron James’ public image has taken a massive hit this summer. First, after losing to the Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals, he refused to shake hands with his opponents or address the media, yeah, he’s a sore loser.

Most recently, Lebron was dunked on at one of his summer camps by 20-year-old Jordan Crawford of Xavier University. Of course, the tapes were confiscated on site by Nike executives. I’m not bashing Lebron because he got dunked, but because he’s not man enough to admit it and allow Nike to release the footage.

Here’s how Kobe responded when asked about it by one of his campers,

Kobe won’t get dunked on at his camp because the participants are incapable of doing it, but because he won’t jump with them. A valuable lesson that Lebron will eventually learn. He should know better than anyone that you shouldn’t jump with 20-year-old dunkers.

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