Kobe is on tour

How many U.S. athletes can go around the world and sell out arenas and have screaming fans chase them around? Not many, but Lakers superstar guard Kobe Bryant is among the few.

Most people tour Asia, but Kobe is on tour. This tour isn’t just an unplanned trip to the far east, but rather a meticulously crafted tour put together by NIKE execs titled the ‘Kobe Asia Tour.’

Bryant has already visited the Philippines, Singapore and Taipei and will finish the tour visiting cities in China.

In the U.S., some still have mixed emotions about Bryant since his rape trial in 2003 but despite his past troubles, Bryant popularity has grown nationally and worldwide over the past 2 years.

He is ranked #10 on Forbes 2009 Celebrity top 100 list, ahead of Will Smith, and has the #1 selling jersey in the U.S., Europe and China, yes, his jersey even out sells Yao Ming there.

His Asian tour consist of signing autographs, facilitating mini-camps and interviewing with media.

The 2009 Celebrity 100 (Forbes.com)

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