If NFL Preseason Games Are Your Thing, The NFL Network Has You Completely Covered

The NFL preseason is just around the bend and I absolutely can’t wait. But I must admit that I won’t be able to stomach much preseason football. I may watch a quarter or two of certain games, but there’s no way I will take the time to watch multiple preseason games in their entirety. It just aint gonna happen.

Well, if you’re not like me and you need your fill of football however you can get it, you’re in luck. The NFL Network will show you all the meaningless football you can handle.

NFL Network is home to all the NFL preseason games for the first time with 65 games airing on the only network dedicated entirely to football. In addition for the first time, the entire NFL preseason schedule will be seen in high definition nationally including 12 live preseason games, the most in the network’s history.

Totally useless information for me, but I’m sure this put a smile on some guy’s face somewhere. And that’s all we care about.

NFL Network will air all 65 preseason games in high definition (NFL.com)

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