The Dispute Between Don Nelson And Mark Cuban Has Lead To Some Great Quotes

Remember back in the day when Don Nelson was coaching the Mavericks? Remember the beef between Don Nelson and Mark Cuban? If you don’t, it doesn’t matter because I don’t intend on digging into the feud itself. I do intend on digging into the testimony from both Nelson and Cuban in a contract dispute over whether Nelson should be paid $7 million that has been withheld from him by Cuban.

Now make no mistake, I could truly care less about who wins out in this showdown. All I really care about is the solid quotes that have came to light just recently. We’ll start with Cuban first.

There’s deposition testimony from Cuban in which he acknowledges that he withheld consulting fees from Nelson in 2006 because he believed the former coach had “badmouthed” the team during the NBA finals and should be made to “beg” for the money.

Who knew Cuban was such a prick? Oh, we all knew? Yeah, we did. Actually believing that someone should be made to beg for money that they are owed is a sure way to increase that prickness. Though I’m not sure if he has much room for an increase.

Ok Donnie, you’re up.

There’s also testimony from Nelson in which he describes being so disgusted with Cuban that he signed a contract to stay on as coach in 2003 only after friends “got me drunk.”

I guess that explains this.

It doesn’t get any better than deciding to sign your contract only when you’re deep in a drunken stupor.

Records shed light on Mark Cuban’s dispute with Don Nelson (Canadian Press)

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