Cristiano Ronaldo Makes His Transfer Official In Front Of 80,000 Of His Closest Friends

It’s safe to say that Crisitiano Ronaldo is living the life. The cash ($130 million move to Real Madrid), the chicks, and the fans. The many, many fans. Including all 80,000 that came out just to get a glimpse of Mr. Ronaldo in his new slightly tight, slight short duds.

Since I know you’re longing to get a glimpse of CR9 (yes, soccer players have nicknames that involve their initials and number too), don’t fret for we have the video of the epic display. In it you will get a Spanish speaking lesson, a lil freestylin’ with the ol’ soccer ball, and even get to witness a young boy ushered out to the stage to have an intimate meeting with Ronaldo. Boy, those Europeans sure know how to treat their athletes.

And of course, there’s the obligatory unruliness and arrests. How else are the fans supposed to show their love?

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