3 worst GM’s in the NBA

The NBA free agent season has begun and many trades and acquisitions will be made to improve NBA squads. General Managers of the NBA, the guys that are responsible for signing and trading players, are the “stars” of this part of the year. Some excel while others fail horribly. Below I’ve listed 3 of the worst in the NBA. These guys are GM’s because of what they did on the court as players and not for their decision making abilities.

Joe Dumars, President of Basketball Operations, Detroit Pistons– Dumars was a Hall of Fame NBA player, but so far has been a mediocre GM. Dumars built a team that made it to the Eastern Conference Finals six consecutive seasons, 2003-2008, but only has one NBA title to show for it, 2004. Detroit finished the 08-09 season 39-43 and got swept in the 1st round of the playoff by the Cavs. The next head coach hired will the fifth in the past 8 years. With the head coaching position serving as a musical chair, and the core of the team broken, this team is now in rebuilding mode. Dumars won’t last much longer.

Fatal FlawPatience with coaches

Danny Ferry, GM, Cleveland Cavaliers– Danny Ferry has been the GM for the Cavs since 2005 and has failed to build a championship team around Lebron James. Though the team finished 66-16, the best record in the league, they failed to reach of win the NBA Finals. He has signed many good players such as: Mo Williams, Joe Smith and Delonte West, but not any great ones. His latest acquisition, Shaquille O’neal, would have been a good move 3 or 4 years ago, but the big man is now past his prime and, at his best, is now only a TOP 10 center. After Lebron leaves next summer, Ferry’s time in Cleveland will be up.

Fatal Flaw: assessing talent

Michael Jordan, Head of Basketball Operations, Charlotte Bobcats– Undeniably, Jordan is the greatest basketball player in the history of the sport, but not so much can be said for his team-building skills. Since joining the Bobcats in 2006, the team has yet to make the playoffs or win at least 40 games. Jordan focus has been on acquiring young talent and not seasoned, skilled vets. The Bobcats finished the 08-09 season with a record 35-47.

Fatal FlawAcquiring talent

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How can u possibly put Joe Dumars on this list? He is one of the best GM's in the league and will continue to stay there. Yes, he's made some mistakes every GM has, though i can think of some that have made alot more.He's taken Detroit from mediocre to one of the elite teams in the league,how many other teams have made it to six straight conference finals? Yes, only one title to show for it but you have to remember, they were one game away from repeating as champs and if you are going to degrade gm's for not winning titles then it's gonna be a very long list. Even though Detroit was in rebuilding mode,with all the drama they still managed a playoff spot.He is well respected around the league from other gm's and players.Tired of Detroit not getting respect, even during those six years no one talked about Detroit, it's all "Lebron" in the east. How many titles have him and Ferry won?

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