Yankees Fan: I See Your Buried Jersey And Raise You A Bag Yankees Grass Seed

Just in case the rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox is your thing, I guess I should mention that they began a 3 game series last night. If your wondering who won, you won’t find that information here. I would much rather discuss the crazed fan angle of this rivalry. So, that’s what you’re getting.

I’m sure you remember Gino Castignoli, the New York construction worker/Red Sox fan that took it upon himself to bury a Red Sox jersey on the grounds of the new Yankees’ stadium (If you don’t remember, I can understand why). Well, we knew it was just a matter of time until some Red Sox fan somewhere devised a plan to settle the score. The plan was devised and the score is now believed to settled. At least in the eyes of a certain Red Sox fan.

Ian Ferris, 30, a Bombers fan in the heart of Red Sox Nation, green-thumbed his nose at Boston by planting Yankee Stadium grass in the Fenway infield during a May 31 Phish concert.

Yankee Stadium grass seeds went on sale this year. Ferris hid the seeds in his pants as he entered Fenway, filled the bag with water and tossed it onto the infield.

“This is payback”, said Ferris, who manages a Hooters in Vermont. “If even one blade of grass sprouts on the field, I feel it was a success”.

Way to bring it, Ferris. Sneaking grass seeds into Fenway and tossing them onto the infield is brilliant! Castignoli is none too impressed, though. And if I can be totally honest, I’m really not impressed either.

My curse is working, Castignoli said. It’s typical of a Yankee fan to think you can buy a jinx in a bag. When will they learn, you don’t win with your wallet but with your heart?

When will you both realize that neither of you are actually making a difference? But what do I know? I’m just a Cubs fan.


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