Walsh preparing for 2010 free agent class

New York Knick President, Donnie Walsh, has made it clear that he plans on being a big spender next summer, 2010. What about the Knicks players that will enter free agency tomorrow? Here’s how Donnie responded to that.

“I’m always looking at 2010, because I want to be in the free agent market in a big way,” team president Donnie Walsh said.

In other words, I really don’t care if we retain or lose our current players because we’re getting Lebron next summer. This statement had to be hard for Knick players Nate Robinson and David Lee, both will be free agents tomorrow.

These young players are worth keeping, both improve each year and averaged 17.2(Robinson) and 16.7(Lee) respectively last season.What will Walsh do? Well, if their demands curtails his plans for next summer’s shopping spree, then he’ll allow them to be bought by the highest bidder.

The lure of Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh is obviously more appealing to Walsh than his current roster, but can you blame him, the Knicks suck.

Knicks face free agent decisions on Lee, Robinson(AP)

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