The U.S. Open Bar At Bethpage Black Got A Little Rowdy On Saturday

Because of all the rain delays, fans at Bethpage Black had tons of idle time during the first three days of the U.S. Open. And it seems that some on Saturday used their idle time to partake in a multitude of adult beverages. Which lead to a little drunken heckling of some of the players. Namely, Tiger Woods and Fred Funk.

Beer-sodden fans and rain combined for an ugly finish to a long day of golf yesterday, with Tiger Woods and other golfers subjected to drunken heckling as the action at Bethpage Black came to a close.

At 6:42 p.m., dozens of drunken spectators at Hole 10 taunted Woods as he prepared to start his third round in the rain.

“We’re on Long Island, baby, where men are men!” one fan yelled. “Put that umbrella down!”

A real man doesn’t use an umbrella when it’s raining? Fascinating! I’ll make sure I pass that on to my kids.

After being told he was less than a man on 10, Tiger had to endure this zinger on 12.

“Suck it up, you’ve got your own video game!” someone shouted at Woods

Ouch. These Long Island boys are brutal. And now, it’s Fred Funk’s turn to be laced with the verbal assault by the Long Islanders.

Minutes later, a group of fans greeted Fred Funk at the 10th hole by shouting his last name as an obscenity.

To put this bluntly, Long Islanders suck at heckling. They should have just stuck with yelling, “Get in the hole!” before every shot. Those at least warrant a smirk each time they’re yelled.

U.S. Open fans heckle Tiger Woods (Newsday)

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