Tim Floyd resigns from USC

According to FOXSports.com, USC head basketball coach Tim Floyd resigned on Tuesday amidst accusations of a scandal involving former recruit and star player O.J. Mayo.

Floyd allegedly gave Rodney Guillory, Mayo’s friend/agent, $1,000 for unknown reasons. Tim Floyd may be shady, but I have a problem with how the NCAA conducts it business.

The ‘almighty’ NCAA condemns any school, player or coach that seemingly, according to their laws, unjustly receive profits. For years the NCAA has earned $100’s of millions, if not billions, exploiting the talent of student athletes along with colleges and universities.

Honestly, what has Tim Floyd done, give a guy a few bucks for helping him land a blue chip player. While the NCAA will probably indict the university and may even take away some wins, but they will not, by any means, give back any profits they received due to O.J. Mayo’s presence in the college game. Talk about hypocrites.

Tim Floyd, a great, enthusiastic college coach, now is unemployed. Sure he won’t be out of work too long, nor will he be heading to the unemployment office, but he shouldn’t be forced to resign over a technicality. Who wins here? No one. Mayo is in the NBA, Floyd resigned and the NCAA will soon release some prototypical statement promoting honesty and playing by the rules. What a waste of time.

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