Stan Van Gundy Has No Problem Stealing Your Offense

No Guts contributor, J Will drops in to bring us the story of how Stan Van Gundy plans on improving the Orlando Magic for next season.

If you’ve been following us throughout the season, you know that we’re not very fond of Stan Van Gundy as a coach. But after getting away for a few days to “decompress”, as he calls it, he plans to draw up some “new” plays that will undoubtedly change our minds. So you are probably asking yourself, “what new plays is he coming up with”? Well, look no further than the Los Angeles Lakers as his new source. Van Gundy thinks that the plays the Lakers used to dominate them can help the Magic as well.

I want to watch and try to steal ideas. I always have different projects in the summer. I watch how certain people do things. I like what L.A. does with the triangle offense, watch what San Antonio does, he said. One of the things we want to do this summer is work on our post-up offense, how to cut and move and what we can do when the ball gets thrown into Dwight [Howard].

Now, if this is Jerry Sloan or Gregg Popvich saying this, one would think to themselves, “that might just work”. But when you hear it from Van Gundy, you just take a deep breath and ask yourself, “why”? I guess since he has gotten all the flack about how terrible he was in getting Dwight Howard the ball in the post during the Finals, he has put it on his to-do list. But this is just typical Stan Van Gundy. Always late to the party.

Stan Van Gundy wants to add elements of the Lakers’ triangle offense to the Orlando Magic (Orlando Sentinel)

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