Stan Van Gundy blew it

The Orlando Magic suffered a heartbreaking 99-91 overtime loss against the Lakers last night. Orlando held a 87-82 with 1:30 left in regulation, but the team failed to close it out and in turn are now down 3-1. Some say it was unfortunate, but honestly, bad coaching was the culprit.

With 10 seconds left in regulation and with a foul to give, the outspoken Van Gundy decided not to foul. The result, a 25ft 3-pointer from vet Derek Fisher, over Jameer Nelson who should not have been in the game, to send it to overtime. Van Gundy is usually a frank guy, he rarely beats around the bush, but in last night’s post game conference he chose to take that route. Watch and listen to his extended version of why they loss.

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  1. What I don't understand is why won't he play Rafer in the 4th quarter.The dude had a big Game 3 and was off to a good start last night.Stan is just lost when it comes to coaching.The Magic fans I know down here are pissed at him.

  2. Los Brown says:

    He's not a good coach, bottom line. Too many big mistakes, that can't happen in the Finals. Jameer Nelson should be on the sideline with a suit on.

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