Six Great Umpire Ejections

Yesterday marked the beginning of summer and the beginning of me finally focusing in on MLB. Yeah, I know we’re almost at the All-Star break and I’ve already missed some great baseball, but what can I say? I’m easily distracted by things like the NBA playoffs, the NFL Draft, and the PGA tour. And besides, why watch when the Cubs are struggling? That would be defeating the purpose, don’t you think?

With most of that now out of the way and the Cubs looking like they will turn it around, I’m zeroed in baseball and baseball stories. And what a better way to kick this off than some great videos of umpire ejections. Because everyone likes to see “blue” throw someone out of the game. And we definitely love to see the ejected guy’s reaction.

The Phillip Wellman Show
This video is entitled, “One of the greatest manager ejection tirades in history”. And that title aint lying. Phillip Wellman’s display went down in “ejected manager” history as he pulled out all the stops on the way to the locker room.

Lou wants in on the action
The fiery Lou Pinella tried to sit and watch as his 3rd base coach and player argue a call, but he just couldn’t restrain himself. And once he joins the party, he turns it out.

Don’t sleep on the pitching coach
Usually, it’s one of the other coaches coming to restrain the manager. In this video, the manager has to come restrain the pitching coach. And once you see this pitching coach’s reaction to getting tossed, you’ll understand why.

Someone needs to calm this umpire down
The manager runs out to argue a call but for some reason, the umpire is more upset than the manager.

Talk about getting your money’s worth
This one plays out like a movie. The umpire calmly walks to the mound and has a rather calm exchange with the manager. Something out of the way is said and the manager is tossed. This leads the manager to make sure that he leaves his mark with the umpire and the field before he leaves the premises.

Talk about REALLY getting your money’s worth
This video is rather long, but you have to hang in there on this one. You’ll be glad you did. One manager comes out to argue a call which is eventually reversed. That prompts the opposing manager to come out a REALLY get his money’s worth.

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  1. 2009 MLB All Star Game says:

    Haha great post. The Lou Pinella was my favorite one. I love that guy!

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