The Rex Grossman Show Heads To Houston

In a move to lock up the award for “the most useless backups on a roster”, the Houston Texans have signed Rex Grossman to join the awesomeness that is Dan Orlovsky as the insurance policies behind Matt Schaub.

On Thursday, the last day of organized team activities, the Texans agreed to terms with Grossman on a one-year deal for the minimum $620,000 for a veteran with his experience. Grossman, who turns 29 in August, was drafted in the first round in 2003.

Grossman will join Matt Schaub, Dan Orlovsky and Alex Brink as quarterbacks on the roster. Coach Gary Kubiak plans to keep three on the roster this season.

This could actually work out for ole, Rexxy. If Schaub goes down, he has the perfect weapon for his “screw it, I’m going deep” approach in Andre Johnson. And if that doesn’t work out, and I’m sure it won’t, he’ll always have the ladies of Houston to play with. Rex loves the ladies and I can’t say I blame him.

Texans target Grossman (Houston Chronicle)

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