Questionable Poses: Josh Powell Doesn’t Play A Lick, But He Still Gets His Pics

During all the hoopla of a championship celebration, there are a few moments that are pure gold. Moments that can’t be duplicated no matter how hard you try. Well luckily, one of those moments from the Lakers’ championship celebration has been captured. And I must say, it is pure gold.

Only in the NBA can Josh Powell take a picture with the NBA Finals trophy, the NBA Finals MVP trophy, and a bottle of Moet after not playing a minute in the series clinching game. Only in the NBA.

* Image via Mike Trudell Tweet via Major League Jerk

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  1. LOL! Josh Powell just became my favorite player. Gotta love the NBA.

  2. Nice Hair!

  3. I don't get it, I've seen people pose with the Stanley Cup who have never worn skates in their life.

  4. Josh Powell is he NBA’s version of an overpaid caddy. He has a lot of personal demons and is a disloyal sociopath. He says he may want to coach. Coach what? Coach who? How can you coach when you can’t even play. He has spent so much time riding the splinter pony he just wants to coach so he doesn’t have to sit as much. He tries to get close to the star players of whatever team he’s on. 1st it was Kobe then Dwight. He is a terrible player and any team who signs him is either desperate or has been bribed.

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