Michael Phelps Is Back On The Scene With A New Mustache And A New Book

So it seems that Michael Phelps has put his “trouble” behind him and is back in the pool again. And just in case you’ve forgotten, Phelps is pretty good in the pool.

The superstar from the Beijing Olympics clobbered the competition in the 200-meter butterfly at the Santa Clara International Grand Prix on Friday night.

Phelps touched first in 1 minute, 54.31 seconds, beating the field by 5.67 seconds.

For the many swimming enthusiast that we have here, I’m sure you’re extremely impressed with this showing from Phelps. Me? I’m thoroughly impressed with that mustache. I mean, how could you not be?

But maybe you aren’t impressed with a good ole “Fu Manchu”. And maybe you’re no longer impressed with Phelps smoking (no pun intended) everyone in the pool. Well, this should impress you. Or at least your kids.

That there is the cover to Phelps’ new children’s book, “How to Train with a T. Rex and Win 8 Gold Medals”. In the book, Phelps teaches the kiddies about what real training consists of.

In the book Phelps describes his training regimen in terms relatable to kids. For example, during six years of training, he swam nearly 20,000 kilometres. He points out that’s the same as swimming “from my hometown of Baltimore to the North Pole and back, and doing it all over again!

One can only hope that he also gives out the secret to that “Fu Manchu”, because we need more kids growing up with sweet mustaches.

Phelps cruises past competition in Santa Clara (AP)

Swimmer Phelps, his bulldog are featured in new book for children (AP)

* Image via Getty Images

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