In Today’s Less Than Astounishing News, Sammy Sosa Tested Positive For Steroids In 2003

Aw yeah, the countdown is now on. Just 102 more names and we can finally be done with this fiasco. Ok, on the “news”.

Sammy Sosa, who joined with Mark McGwire in 1998 in a celebrated pursuit of baseball’s single-season home run record, is among the players who tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug in 2003, according to lawyers with knowledge of the drug-testing results from that year.

Am I surprised? No. Are you surprised? No. Truthfully, at this point, I’m not sure that any name could drop and I would be surprised by it. So just go ahead and drop the rest of names, MLB. I promise you that we won’t have a heart attack. Until then, we’ll just “calmly wait”.

Oh, and if you interested in what Sosa was taking part in the weekend before his name being dropped, here’s a hint. South Florida night club and Cristal. Lots of Cristal. (Gotta scroll down past the Megan Fox picture, which I know can be hard to do)

Sosa Is Said to Have Tested Positive in 2003 (New York Times)

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  1. Los Brown says:

    As if we already didn't know. Another buster that won't be inducted into the HOF.

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