I Guess Vince Young Was Right, Someone Does Want Him To Play Ball

Well, no wonder Vince Young was so confident in giving the Titans an ultimatum and stating, “If they’re not ready for me to play ball, someone is.” Because surprisingly, someone really is.

TORONTO — In the same week the Argos confirmed Kerry Joseph as their starting quarterback, they have more than a glancing eye on an enticing QB for the future.

Sun Media has learned the Argos have placed troubled NFL QB Vince Young on their secret negotiation list, a more than interesting move considering new Argos coach Bart Andrus last worked for Young’s Titans and is very familiar with the third overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft.

Yes, The Toronto Argos are a CFL team. Young never said who was ready for him to play ball. He just conveniently stated that “someone is”. Do I believe that he really believed this? H*ll no! But now that someone has validated his beliefs, Young has to have the upperhand, right? The last thing that Titans would want is their “franchise backup quarterback” (is there even such a thing?) packing up and heading to the CFL. So note to the Titans’ organization, Vince Young aint playing witcha. So you better start taking him seriously. Your move Tennessee.

Argos looking to go Young (Ottawa Sun)

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  1. Triston27 says:

    I could see them toss a bunch of money his way like they did with Raghib Ismail back in the day

  2. S. Evans says:

    Maybe. Doubt he takes it though. The ego is too big. He can't beat out Kerry Collins but he somehow thinks he should be starting in the NFL.

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