Georgia State will play Alabama in inaugural season, 2010

Former NFL player and Alabama head coach(87-89), Bill Curry is the now the head coach of Georgia State’s new football program.

The school’s inaugural season will be in 2010, but the head coach has already guaranteed one loss for his team. In an attempt to show that he has guts or is a great coach, Curry has scheduled to play Alabama in Tuscaloosa on November 20, 2010.

His reason for scheduling such a game in his team’s first season, his exact words, “playing at Alabama quickens the pace of everything we are doing.”

If this mindless, egotistical strategy of scheduling continues, the only thing that will be quickened is the pace at which the L’s(losses) are placed in GSU’s record books. Admirable Bill, but come on, not in season 1’s finale. Losing by 50 will leave a bitter taste in the boosters, fans and players mouth.

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  1. S. Evans says:

    It's for the cash. Exactly what a new football program needs.

  2. Los Brown says:

    They will get cash, but a loss like that can affect recruiting and hinder the growth of the program boss.

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