Frank Mastrisciano: The masked trainer

Frank Mastrisciano is a very peculiar guy, at least when compared to the rest of us. This masked man resides in San Francisco and trains NBA athletes such as Gilbert Arenas and Aaron Afflalo, and a myriad of others, in his rigorous training program.

He doesn’t use weight rooms and typical exercise equipment during his sessions, but opts for weighted vest, medicine balls and hills. How difficult is this workout regimen? According to Mastrisciano only 3 out of 10 athletes endure to the end of the program.

Mastrisciano is alot like Will Smith’s character in ‘Hitch’- he doesn’t advertise, has no listed addresses or phone numbers and only gains new clients from referrals.

This guarded fitness king also dresses the part of someone who is in the witness protection program. He hides his face during interviews and when he is in public he looks more like a member of the ‘Taliban’ than a top-notch trainer.

His reasons for extreme discretion are unknown, but his methods seem to work, this guy has been a trusted trainer since 1992. Potential no.1 draft pick Blake Griffin is one of his clients and with Mastrisciano’s unconventional training we know he’ll at least be physically ready for the NBA.

Meet Hell’s Trainer(San Francisco Chronicle)

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