Even While In Prison, Maurice Clarett Is Fielding Offers From NFL Teams

Well, that’s what Clarett and his attorney want you to believe. Because it’s all a part of Clarett’s bid to be released from prison early. The ole, “He has a chance to play in the NFL, judge. If he’s not released soon, his livelihood could be at stake” trick. It’s the oldest trick in the book.

Clarett’s attorney, Percy Squire, says his client has an opportunity to play NFL, arena or Canadian professional football if he’s released within the next few months. NFL teams have contacted Clarett in prison, but Squire wouldn’t identify which teams.

He won’t identify which teams? I wonder why.

Squire said that while March doesn’t seem that far off, time is crucial for the 25-year-old Clarett.

“Whether he is permitted to go in the summer of 2009 versus the summer of 2010 can make a huge difference,” Squire said.

“We’re talking a matter of months here, but it could have a huge impact on his ability to pursue a livelihood. Waiting another year could basically eliminate any opportunity for him to ever play.”

Um, I think Clarett has already eliminated any opportunity for him to ever play.

Ohio prosecutor: Keep Clarett in prison (AP)

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