Dwight Howard must show up in Game 4

The Orlando Magic are facing a 2-1 deficit in the NBA Finals and must win tonight if they have any hopes of winning the title. The key to their attack must be Dwight Howard.

Here are three things Howard must do to help the Magic secure a victory in Game 4:

1) Play Physical– Howard has done too much complaining to the refs in this series. He must not allow Gasol, Bynum and Odom to bully him in the paint, a couple of sharp elbows will cure that.

2) Be an offensive threat-Howard must score at least 20 points and he needs to take more than 10 shots. Why? The Magic is a three-point shooting team and if he’s not a threat then the Lakers will stay at home on the 3-point shooters. As we know, if the Magic don’t shoot well from the outside, they don’t win.

3) Hit FT’s– The Magic will not beat the Lakers running away, the team played near perfect, they shot 62% from the field, Tuesday and only won by 4 points. Therefore, Howard must make his FT’s; every point counts. Kobe won’t shoot 50% from the FT again and collectively the Lakers won’t shoot 61 percent from the foul line.

If Howard does the things listed above, then the Magic have a great chance of ending their day tied 2-2.

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