Digging Through Slam’s Top 50 NBA Players

No Guts reader Keezy W send us his beefs with Slam’s new top 50 list.

Slam Magazine has released their new list of the top 50 Greatest NBA players of all time. The first list was made in 1997 and revised for the first time in 2003 and extended to 75 players. In 2009 it’s back to 50 and while it’s not a bad list, I have a few issue with this list.

3. Bill Russell and 4. Shaquille O’Neal…They may have championships and MVP awards but neither one of these guys deserves to be ranked this high. Kareem was better and more skilled than both of them. Shaq isn’t even the 2nd or 3rd best center of all time, so how can he be the 4th best player?

6. Magic Johnson…Should be number 2 or 3 at the least.

7. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar…Should also be number 2 or 3 at the least.

10. Jerry West…I know that he’s the logo and all that, but he can easily be considered the greatest loser of all time. He lost in the finals 6 times in his first 6 tries. And for all the talk of Kobe needing Shaq, West didn’t win until he had Wilt.

12. Kobe Bryant…the list was made before the 2009 finals ended so I’ll give Slam a pass, but on the next list he shouldn’t be any lower than 7.

13. Akeem Olajuwon…In the 1995 playoffs, he dominated MVP David Robinson and outplayed a young Shaq in the finals…he was more gifted offensively and a much better defensive threat than Shaq also. He needs to be higher.

42. Lebron James…He is only here based on potential. If he makes this list, so should D-Wade and CP3.

50. Steve Nash…Please! Easily one of the most overrated players ever. He only had 2 great seasons, and his two MVP awards is what got him here (one that should have went to Kobe). Dirk could have easily made it over him, same goes for Wade, Billups, and Paul.

The New Top 50 (Slam Online)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you about Magic for sure, I'm among the small poll of NBA fans and researchers that believes he is actually the greatest for numerous reasons that I've posted all over the internet. I also agree that Hakeem should be higher, even higher than Shaq considering he swept O'Neal, dispatched David and Ewing. Shaq never faced a center tougher than Mutombo in the Finals. Despite the fact that Bill Russell was voted by the BA players for 5 MVP's, he's still top 5 man, can't discount his leadership. He'd have as many MVP honors as Jordan if the Finals MVP was around back then, or if Jordan hadn't received awards he didn't deserve (like the LMVP in '98, FMVP in '96, ASMVP in '96). 100% right about Lebron, and I agree about Nash as much as I like him though ain't no way Kobe deserved an MVP when LA won 42 and 45 shooting that dismally.

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