The Clippers (And Some Invited Guests) Gather To Watch Blake Griffin Miss A Lot Of Jump Shots

There’s no need to go into how desperate, pathetic, hapless (or any other term that you’ve used when describing the Clippers) the Los Angeles Clipper are. But I must admit, I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t find any humor when the Clippers show the world the true meaning of “desperate”. I mean, they are so desperate, they invited more than 100 people to watch Blake Griffin. Oh and yeah, just in case your calendar isn’t around, it’s only June 8th. There hasn’t been a draft, Griffin isn’t a Clipper (officially), and this was just a workout.

One was in El Segundo on Saturday, and the other followed later in the afternoon at Playa Vista. The former involved the Lakers, operating in the present, and seemingly the first team to be handed an NBA championship after one game in the Finals.

The latter, an open workout, represented a step into the future for the Clippers and Blake Griffin, the 6-foot-10 power forward they said they would take with the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft this month.

These events were neatly paired to take advantage of the presence of the national media here for the NBA Finals, to show off the Clippers’ swank practice facility and to show off the national college player of the year from Oklahoma in front of 100-plus on- lookers, consisting of media, season-ticket holders and sponsors.

The Clippers showing off something? What has the world come to? Too bad that Mr. Griffin left his jump shot back in Oklahoma.

Of course, there’s the other side of transparency: Griffin’s misfiring jump shot. It was a byproduct, perhaps, of nerves but sure to be over-analyzed in this era of instant analysis.

There are certain things on his shot that he’ll need to work on to get better at, which he will do, Dunleavy said. Clearly, he shoots the ball well enough from the mid-range that he has be guarded.

In Dunleavy’s world, if Griffin hits 2 out 10 shots, that’s clearly good enough.

Blake Griffin impresses in workout for Clippers (Los Angeles Times)

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