Are We Making Trades Just For The Sake Of Making Trades?

Everyone loves a good trade. Everyone also likes a little pre-draft trade action. But what we don’t love is completely one-sided trades. You know, trades that send Pau Gasol to the Lakers for the Grizzlies’ janitor. Well, those are the types of trades we’ve gotten in the past 24 hours.

– Spurs get Richard Jefferson and Bucks get Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas, and Fabricio Oberto
Unless you’re a Spurs fan, there is no way you can understand this one. I know that the Bucks are allergic to winning, but come on. The Spurs get a 20 point scorer for basically nothing. Kinda like the Pau Gasol situation.

– Wizards get Randy Foye and Mike Miller and the Timberwolves get the No. 5 pick in the draft, Oleksiy Pecherov, Etan Thomas, and Darius Songaila
This one is definitely a head-scratcher. The Wizards give up the 5th pick in the draft for an okay shooter in Mike Miller and a Gilbert Arenas clone in Randy Foye. Minnesota should be thrilled because they will be able to add two new young pieces at pick 5 and 6 along with some veterans to plug in. As for the Wizards, if you’re gonna make a trade, at least make a trade that remotely makes sense.

– Pistons get Fabricio Oberto and the Bucks get Amir Johnson
Probably the trade that made the most sense simply because it was done for contractual reasons, wasn’t a blockbuster at all.

And to top it all off, the trade that never happened is the worst of them all.

The Celtics would have received Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, and Rodney Stuckey and the Pistons would have received Rajon Rando and Ray Allen
Luckily, this didn’t happen. If it would have, it would’ve been highway robbery by the Celtics.

With one day left before the draft, let’s just hope that the free giveaways are done.

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  1. You think Mike Miller is a ok shooter boss?

  2. S. Evans says:

    ok = 1 out of 5

  3. 1 out of 5

    as in:
    1 year out of the past 5 that he was not a 40% shooter from 3?

    or perhaps,
    1 year out of the past 5 that he did not hit over 100 three pointers in a season?

    He had a down year on the Wolves because they didn't know how to use him. He was forced to be a passer & rebounder rather than a shooter. With the Wizards he can return to his old role.

  4. S. Evans says:

    I think I can agree with that, grover.

  5. The Wizards should at least finsh 4th in the Eastern Conference now.They have alot of offensive fire power.

  6. Los Brown says:

    Though Miller is a great shooter, he will not get enough shots playing alongside Arenas, Jamison and Butler. Good idea, but its not gonna work, he'd be better off with a team that moves the ball around like the Spurs or Pistons.

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