Weekly rewind 5/11/09

Our Weekly Rewind is a recap of the some of the most captivating stories of the previous week.

NBA coaching great and Hall of Fame inductee Chuck Daly passed away on Sunday. Daly is best known for coaching the Pistons in the ‘Bad Boy’ era and the 1992 Dream Team. RIP Chuck, you will be missed.

In the midst of the Ramirez scandal, Alex Rodriguez, AKA A-Roid, returned from hip surgery to the diamond and blasted a homer on the first pitch that he saw on Friday against the Orioles. Roids or no roids this guy can sure play.

As if we didn’t already know, Manny Ramirez is a steroid user. If there was any doubt of his guilt, the statement he gave after being suspended for 50 games gave it away. I’ll paraphrase, ‘ Some doctor gave me a drug for personal reasons and we didn’t know it was on MLB’s baseball’s banned list’. Yeah right! Next he’s gonna tell us he has cancer and the drugs are part of his treatment. Just admit it already.

Brett Favre has once again been bitten by the ‘mini camp’ bug. Around the time NFL teams start mini and training camps he gets the itch to play again. Do all of us a favor Brett, stay retired so we can talk fondly of you.

22-year old tennis star Richard Gasquet tested positive for cocaine. The 23rd ranked Frenchman faces a possible suspension or ban, but in true guilty individual fashion he claims he will prove his innocence. Lets just call him ‘cocaine champion’ for now.

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  1. coffee fan says:

    it seems like there have been so many big sports figures passing on lately, tragic

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