The Things People Do For Money

No Guts contributor, J Will is heated about Sam Keller going after Electronic Arts. And I think he thinks you should be too.

As I was browsing through websites like I usually do at work, I came across what I believe is a cry for attention lawsuit which is also completely dumb. Former Nebraska/Arizona State QB Sam Keller is suing EA Sports and the NCAA because he thinks EA is wrongly using the names and likenesses of athletes for it’s games. The lawsuit reads that Keller is suing on behalf of all college athletes that have been portrayed in EA’s NCAA Football and Basketball games. Keller’s clown attorney, Rob Carey also contends that EA is making profits from using the names and likenesses of players and that the lawsuit will bar EA from using the names and likeness for their games.

Now, I know that everyone is having hard times due to the economy, but these two guys are a bunch of idiots. If you have played any of EA’s college games, you would know that there aren’t any names for the players. The only thing that they show are their position and their number. Now, there are ways to get the names for the players (Xbox users know what I’m talking about), but that has nothing to do with EA or the NCAA. When I think about the likeness of the player, I think of the player’s hairstyle, tattoos, and/or body mass. I don’t think they look like the players and if you do, just take a look at EA’s Madden and NBA Live series. Now, those player have the likeness of the players.

But the thing that really upsets me is that Keller’s lawyer claims Keller is “not interested in getting compensated for himself”.

He just didn’t think it appropriate that, given that the NCAA says you can’t profit from your likeness … they do the wink and the nod when EA Sports presents them with the game, which has the likeness of the player, Carey said.

What a bunch of idiots. Why would you even sue someone if you’re not trying to get some money from them? It must be slow times at the law firm that Carey works for to take this case. The minute they step in the court with this case, the judge is gonna dismiss this. You know why? Because these two are a bunch of idiots.

Keller sues EA Sports over images (ESPN)

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  1. This is unbelievable! Keller is an idiot! No shit the NCAA says you can’t profit from your likeness…tell me how in the hell these college players are PROFITING from this game? What a moron.

  2. Yea these two guys are just wasting everyone’s time.

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