They Don’t Make Game 7’s Like They Used To

After an entire Saturday without any basketball, I was all set on a riveting Sunday full of game 7 theatrics. What I got was a bunch a crap. A big pile of stinky, get beat by 20 points, crap!

And it’s not even like the Rockets nor the Celtics even tried to make this the least bit interesting for me. They both finished the 1st quarter in their most important game to date down 10 points. The Rockets somehow only scored 12 points and the Celtics mustered a measly 17.

At that point I tell myself, “it’s only the 1st quarter, it’ll get better.” Well, it didn’t. And I really feel like the Rockets and Celtics owe me those hours from my life that I wasted watching them get mercy’d. And just so this doesn’t happen again, I say let’s just skip the rest of this nonsense and get to the Cavs-Nuggets series. It’ll save you and me a lot of time.

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