Stan Van Gundy’s Coaching Blunders Have Now Become Unbearable

First off let me say that I haven’t seen a multitude of the Orlando Magic’s regular season games. So forgive me, Magic fans for I’m sure it had become unbearable long before these playoffs started. But, this year’s playoffs has really brought out the worst in SVG. He’s been whining to the referees, over-reacting on the sidelines, and he’s even had a verbal altercation with Anthony Johnson. (Having Anthony Johnson on your roster is a whole ‘nother issue in itself.) But where SVG is really hurting the Magic is with his coaching. If that’s what you wanna call it.

SVG’s offense, or lack thereof, has been questionable to say the least. In the 1st round against the Sixers, Dwight Howard seemed to be more of a focal point. Now, it seems that the offensive strategy is to put up as many threes as possible. Even with a big lead, SVG allows his guys to keep chucking.

But what really hurts the Magic is SVG’s inability to keep it together in close games. Case in point, last night. Your down three, which means you need to attempt a three in order to have a chance to make a three to tie the game. Instead, the ball goes to Dwight Howard, who gets fouled and has to intentionally miss a free throw and the rest is history.

Let me run off a few questions I have for SVG.

1) Why was Dwight Howard even in the game? You need a three. He’s not a part of the offense any other time, why now?

2) Have you ever heard of situational substitutions? You know, for offensive and defensive situations?

3) What actually was discussed in the huddle during that last time out? Nothing I presume.

4) Why was Dwight Howard in the game, again?

Stan, I must admit, I once thought that Pat Riley was a complete snake when he made you give up the reigns during your Miami Heat days. Now, I realize that he was just saving you from yourself. You should thank him daily.

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  1. Yea Stan is a choke artist.When it gets down crunch time,he is clueless.LOL about Anthony Johnson.Didn’t he dunk on somebody in the playoffs this year?

  2. Keezy W. says:

    He is the only thing standing between the Magic atleast getting to the championship, they have the arguably the 2nd or 3rd best team i the playoffs, but he hurts them with his dumb decisions…he is nothing but a fat dummy

  3. Chris Humpherys says:


    Nicely said.

    Here’s my take on the Master of Panic.

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