So If The Nuggets Some How Win The Championship This Year, Where Does It Leave Lebron?

Yes, this a bit premature but just follow me for a moment. Let’s just say the Nuggets have defeated the Mavs, the Lakers, and the Cavs to win the NBA championship. That would mean Carmelo Anthony has won a championship. It would also mean that 2 of the 3 stars from the 2003 NBA Draft now sport championship rings. The only one who wouldn’t? Lebron James.

At that point, does that diminish everything Lebron has accomplished? Accomplishments that neither D. Wade or Melo has been able to sniff. Just in case you’re oblivious to how much damage Lebron has been doing, I’ll list just a few of his accomplishments.

  • Five straight All Star appearances
  • Five straight All NBA selections
  • Youngest player in NBA history to reach the 5,000-point plateau
  • Just the second player in NBA history to post four consecutive seasons of at least 27 points, six rebounds and six assists (Oscar Robertson)
  • One of just three players in the past 20 seasons to lead the league in scoring and average seven or more assists (Michael Jordan, 1988-89 and Allen Iverson, ’04-05)
  • Named NBA MVP this season.

With a resume like this, it’s no wonder that some are starting to whisper G.O.A.T.. But it’s hard to argue against championships. And even if D. Wade got his with Shaq and Melo got his with Billups, it still counts the same. So where would you stand? At some point Lebron, if not now, will be expected to win championships. If his draft-mates each have one after this season, the pressure will really be on.

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  1. J Will says:

    It doesn’t diminish what he has done.The guy is gonna need some help.If Melo gets the ring,it goes back to what i was telling everybody.He is going to need another star player with him if he wants a championship(not Moe Williams).

  2. S. Evans says:

    So you saying that the Nuggets have a better TEAM than the Cavs? The Cavs have the 2nd best TEAM left in the playoffs behind the Lakers.

  3. Keezy W. says:

    Ive said from the beginning that Melo was goin to get a ring before him although i dont think he is going to get it this year,if Lebron dosent win it all this year he is not going to win it in Cleveland…he has the 2nd best team in the NBA so he dosent need anymore help, he just needs to come through which i doubt he does.

  4. Los Brown says:

    I believe Lebron will win a title first although Melo is on a better team, but he has to go through the Lakers. On the other hand, the Cavs are by far the best team in the East and could possibly win it all this year.

  5. J Will says:

    No boss i’m not saying they have the better team.I’m saying he doesn’t have the star player like Melo does.If he meets the Lakers in the finals,he’s not getting a ring this year.Don’t worry when he goes to New York as a free agent,he will get his ring.

  6. S. Evans says:

    With who? New York doesn’t have any stars either.

  7. J Will says:

    Nate Robinson is as good as Moe Williams boss.David Lee is good too.

  8. S. Evans says:

    Hold on now. I’ll give you Lee, but Robinson? And even then, you still haven’t named the superstar that you say Lebron NEEDS to win a championship.

  9. Keezy W. says:

    J. Will is trippin the Cavs now are better than the Knicks and if he goes to there in 2010 its gonna take atleast 3years for them to get a good enough team around him and then you have to think that everybody else is going to be getting better such as Magics, Nuggets, Blazerz, Heat, Hawks…if he doesnt win this year its going to be a while b4 he gets one.

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