Roger Clemens Got His Questions, While I Got A Blogging Gold Mine

On Tuesday the website, “Houstonist” did a piece on Roger Clemens’ interview with Mike & Mike in the Morning. Apparently, Clemens read the piece and shot off an email to the guys that run that site. No, he didn’t threaten them with a defamation lawsuit. (Surprising right?) He actually wanted to reach out to the fans of Houston and thank them for their support and give them an once in a lifetime opportunity. They will be able to ask any questions that they may have about all this steroids business. And here’s the kicker. The Rocket will answer them. And because I’m sure you don’t believe me, I’ll give you the exact words from the email that the Houstonist guys posted just so someone like me can boost it from their site as proof that this is for real. (Thanks guys!)

The fans and the folks in Houston have always been great to Deb, the kids and me and we’re grateful for the support.

I know a lot of baseball fans read the Houstonist and that they have asked questions about the false allegations against me. I welcome the chance to answer the questions of your readers.

I bet you do welcome the questions, Roger. And after reading a few of them, I certainly welcome them too. You see, when you let the common folk ask the questions, all h*ll will surely break loose.

Let’s start off with the user, “tideturns”. He/She drops the 1st question in the comments and gets straight to the point.

Why should we believe that you did not use PEDS (HGH, Steroids) when your own wife admits to using HGH?
She is not even an athlete and she used it. It makes no sense that the athlete husband would not have taken advantage of PEDS but the wife would.

I doubt you will ask him this…

Very solid question in my opinion. I don’t see a reason why he wouldn’t answer that.

Next up, “Hakeem4EVA” gives his offering.

Nobody in their right mind believes you. NOBODY! Wouldn’t it be easier to just tell the truth instead of taking the Pete Rose route? BTW, you were always overrated as a pitcher. Thanks!

A couple of minutes after finishing this “question”, Hakeem realizes that this is an once in a lifetime opportunity. So, he quickly drops this follow up.

Oh, one more question.

You named your children Koby, Kory, Kody, and Kacy. If/when you birth a child from one of your multiple extramarital affairs, would that child be so lucky as to have a name that starts with the letter “K”?


Doubt that one gets an answer, Hakeem. But I for one, appreciate that question. Even if Clemens doesn’t.

Now that we’ve officially veered off the steroid path, “bta22” takes it a step further.

Since you’ve failed as a baseball player, do you plan on going back to college to get a (real) degree, in hopes of someday succeeding (honestly) at an occupation?

Other thoughts:
Pettitte is one of my favorite players. What do you think of him? His honesty and modesty are admirable.

I’m so, so glad my Dad was faithful to my Mother. What a great guy. Our family is tremendously close – for many reasons – none of which is veiled behind the need of the wife and children to suckel from the teet of everflowing (illgotten) dollars.

Thanks Roger. Have a great day.

PS…Do you have blue balls, now that ESPN so abruptly stopped with the fellatio?

After that, all that is left is the “How does it feel that your career is in the toilet” question. Luckily, “Rfive” takes care of that for us.

Wow! You’re career is in the toilet! Everything you have worked hard for is being trashed and a lot of people don’t respect you. How does that make you feel?

You see how much depth you get when you let the common-folk do the interrogating? I have no doubt that the guys at Houstonist will have a blast asking Clemens these questions. And I will be eagerly awaiting his answers. And just remember Roger, you asked for this. And I’m so glad you did.

Roger Clemens Wants Your Questions, Houston (Houstonist)

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