Questionable poses: Mark Sanchez

New York Jets first round draft pick, Mark Sanchez, has all the qualities needed to be a poster boy for shoe companies, sports drinks and clothing companies. An endorsement dream of sorts. The question remains, can and will he succeed on the field? Time will answer that question shortly, but meanwhile he has already began taking questionable poses. Check out these pics from his recent photo shoot for GQ Magazine. In 5 years, he will either regret taking these photos or , if he fails as a NFL quarterback, they could be the highlight of his career.

Here Mark is sporting a fish net hoodie. On the beach or not, fish nets and men don’t mix.

I know the guy works out and wants to show off his physique, but that shirt is about 2 sizes small. If the photographer wanted us to see his mid riff, he could have instructed him to go shirtless.

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