A Month Is Plenty Of Time To Make Your Decision On Who You’re Voting On The MLB All Star Teams, Right?

Already you say? Well, actually you’re tardy on this one. Voting has been open since April 22nd. So yes, you’re behind. So get off you’re lazy tail and get to voting.

What’s that you say? You don’t know who you’re voting for? Well, why the h*ll not? You’ve had an entire month of baseball to watch. That’s all you need to distinguish all stars, right? What do you mean; no? What else do you need? There are dudes tearing it up right now. Just vote for them. What if they start sucking? Well, that’s normal, but we only care about this first month. What’s that? You want to wait for A-Rod to come back? Ummmm, may I ask why? He’s you’re favorite and you want to see what kind of numbers he puts up? Dude, it’s your ballot. You can vote for anyone you want. No matter what they have or have not done in the first month of the season.

So all that is left for you to do is to vote and vote often. And try not to let that voting finger get too happy, you can only cast 25 ballots per email address. Happy voting!

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