Lakers will win the NBA Finals: 5 reasons why

The Los Angeles Lakers will win the NBA Finals. Literally, I’m not going out on a limb with this prediction since the Lakers have been the favorites majority of the season. Yeah, I know the Yaoless, McGradyless Rockets gave the Lakers a handful, though it took a seven game series, they did prevail. Many critics, writers and fans have recently jumped off the bandwagon which is not a surprise, given how inconsistent the Lakers play has been in the post season. Inconsistent or not, the Lakers are the best team in the NBA and here are five reasons why they’re taken the title back to LA.

1) Scoring- The Lakers have yet to lose in the playoffs(8-0) when they score more than 100 points. As the most explosive team left, this trend will continue, its simple if they score, they win.

2) Defense- At times the Lakers have appeared weak on the defensive end, but they are the top rebounding team left in the playoffs, also tops in blocks. Defense wins championships, they may not be the ‘Bad Boys'(Pistons) but they defend well enough to win.

3) Phil Jackson- Whether you believe he’s a great coach or that he’s been fortunate enough to coach the best player in the league twice, simply put, he wins championships, period. His laid back style allows his players to grow and feel comfortable in the dynamic triangle offense. 9 titles and counting, one ring for each finger and both thumbs, coming soon.

4) They play in LA.- Jack Nicholson, Leo DiCaprio, Penny Marshall and Dustin Hoffman are just a few of the many talented actors and entertainers that fill the Staples to watch the Lakers put on a show every home game. How can this not motivate you, people that have millions of fans are your fans. It has to give the players a little extra kick.

5) Kobe BryantAs if you didn’t know, he is the main reason the Lakers are the team to beat. Kobe is averaging 28.4 ppg. in the playoffs and will score 40 or 15 if that’s what it takes to get the victory. After last year’s lost to the Celtics in the finals, Kobe is on a NBA title mission and he won’t stop until it is accomplished.

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  1. S. Evans says:

    I’ll give you #1, maybe #3, and #5.

  2. Keezy W. says:

    Best post on the site lol…but really if they play defense everynight, knowone can beat them. Offense comes too easy for them so the only thing that can hurt the lakerz is the lakerz

  3. Los Brown says:

    The stats don’t lie, yeah they have bad games, but they defend, rebound and block shots. Lakers will win.

  4. The L.A. Lakers will beat Orlando simply because they are better and have the best clutch player in the game today.
    The Lakers are so talented, if they also play with passion and desire they can't lose. Keys will be getting Odom to continue playing they way he can, having Gasol score, and if Bynum can get his game going it will limit Superman on Orlando
    It is going to be a great series
    Do not miss it!!!

    Brian S. in Vancouver(Maple Ridge)
    #1 Laker fan for over 40 years

  5. Los Brown says:

    Game 1 proved that the Lakers are clearly the best team, Kobe can't be stopped and the big guys did enough to neutralize Howard, Orlando has a tough road ahead.

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