Here’s Some Surprising, But Not Surprising News, Tim Floyd Paid For OJ Mayo

Ok, I know this isn’t a shocker to any of you, but can we at least act like we’re surprised. Just for a little while, at least. Besides, we have details now. That makes it more interesting right?

On Feb. 14, 2007, Johnson and Guillory packed up Guillory’s black Infiniti SUV and were preparing for the drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to attend the NBA All-Star weekend. Before they left, Guillory informed Johnson several times that he had to meet with Floyd so the coach could give him cash for the trip. Sometime between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., Guillory and Johnson headed toward Beverly Hills to meet with Floyd. During the drive, Johnson listened as Guillory and Floyd exchanged several cell phone calls as Floyd explained where the meeting would take place.

Upon arriving in Beverly Hills, Guillory pulled up to a stretch of cafes in the downtown shopping district, where Floyd was waiting on the sidewalk. Because there were no parking spaces, Guillory asked Johnson to circle the block in the SUV until Guillory was ready to be picked up. Johnson exited the passenger side of the vehicle, at which point Johnson saw Floyd and the two exchanged greetings. Johnson then got into the driver’s seat and proceeded to circle the block while Guillory and Floyd met.

After approximately 15 minutes, Johnson saw Guillory waiting on the curb in front of the stretch of cafes and pulled over to pick him up. Once Guillory was inside the vehicle, he produced a white envelope with cash inside. Guillory told Johnson that Floyd had given him “a grand,” and Johnson was able to view $100 bills inside the envelope. He said he believed there appeared to be “substantially” more than $1,000, although he did not count the bills.

Cmon, doesn’t those details peak your interest just a little? I mean, a college basketball coach is meeting dudes on the corner like a drug lord. This is “made for television movie” type ish. You can’t beat that.

Now that the first peg has dropped, let’s see what the NCAA can dig up on Carroll and the crew. I can’t believe that I’m saying this but USC may actually get more than the old slap on the wrist from the NCAA. The coming months should be very intriguing.

Source: Floyd gave cash to Mayo handler (Yahoo Sports)

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