Derek Fisher decks Luis Scola

In a physical game, the Lakers and Rockets combined for 5 technical fouls and 2 ejections. Check out this hit that got Lakers guard Derek Fisher ejected from game 2 and possibly suspended for game 3.

H/T Black Sports Online

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  1. Keezy W. says:

    Its about time maybe we will play like that throughout the rest of the playoffs…if we get past the Rockets knowone is stopping the Lakerz

  2. S. Evans says:

    Nuggets boss. They’ve looked the best so far.

  3. Keezy W. says:

    Hey lets not be a bandwaggoner…dont forget that the lakers swept the nuggets last year, true they have billups which is great but we didnt have ariza and bynum last year….the nuggets are sort of like the cavs out east..they havent been challenged yet when you beat a team by 58pts in the playoffs your not getting tested

  4. S. Evans says:

    Not being a bandwaggoner. They have looked the best so far. Do I expect them to beat the Lakers? No. Would I be surprised if they did? No, again.

    Here’s a key to this matchup. The Lakers will be in a dogfight just to beat Houston. The Nuggets will coast by Dallas and be well rested.

  5. Keezy W. says:

    Yea your right about that but the way i see it is if and when the Lakerz finnaly beat Houston and face Denver in the Conference finals the Nuggets will have to win game 1 in L.A., just because of the reason you said the Lakerz shoudld be tired..if L.A. wins game 1 in that series then they will win the series in 5 L.A. is just too big

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