The Candidate Pool Wasn’t Very Deep For Kornheiser’s Spot On MNF

Whether you believe that Tony Kornheiser was ousted from MNF because he wanted to lessen his travel or ESPN just thought it was time for a change, one thing is certain. ESPN seems pretty content with their choice of John Gruden as his replacement. And now we know why. Because they really didn’t have many other choices. And when I say “many other choices”, what I really mean is Matt Millen was one of their choices.

[ESPN’s executive vice president of content, John] Skipper said ESPN brass “talked internally” about recent hire Matt Millen and other candidates but didn’t “interview” anybody but Gruden.

We’re always looking to make our lineup better. We were talking to Gruden. He was trying to figure out what he was going to do,” Skipper said. “He did very well on the draft for NFL Network. I know sometimes people think we’ve got research and have been doing this for three months. This all happened in the past 10 days.

First of all, Matt Millen? Come on ESPN. We’ve just gotten over the fact that he will actually be in the studio and you had the nerve to even think about having him in the booth for MNF? I’m glad that it was only a thought.

Secondly, are we really supposed to believe that there were other candidates? My guess is that it was Gruden or bust. Why else would you give us Millen as a candidate and no one else. You didn’t seriously think we would be impressed, did you?

And finally, you took a measly 10 days to make this decision? This is Monday Night Football we’re talking about here. You already forced Kornheiser down our throat, so this Gruden experiment better work. If it doesn’t, we’ll be talking about his replacement this time next year. And if it does, we’ll still be talking about his replacement this time next year.

ESPN considered, but didn’t interview, Matt Millen for MNF job that went to Jon Gruden (Game On)

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  1. Los Brown says:

    Matt Millen should not be considered for anything NFL related, he blew that during his time in Detroit.

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