Your A-Z Guide For The NBA Playoffs

At the start of the NBA season, we put together our guide for the upcoming season. Now, that you’ve taken a look and gotten all of the laughter out of your system from all the things that we got wrong, poise yourself, for we have compiled our guide for the “real” season. Yep, here it is, your A-Z Guide For The NBA Playoffs. Please write your thank you’s in the comments. And just in case we don’t get the chance to respond to yours, you’re welcome.

Atlanta has a chance to actually get out of the 1st round
The Hawks are 4th in the East and will have home court in the 1st round. That could mean a 1st round victory. D. Wade aint having it.

Bynum is back!
The Lakers were defeated in the Finals because they were beat in the paint. With a healthy Bynum, Gasol and Odom they have the most productive front line in the game and are poised to win it all.

Cleveland will win the East.
We knew they would be good, they do have Lebron James, but not this good. Mo Williams has made the Cavs a contender and with the best record in the league they’ve sewn up home court throughout the playoffs. The only home loss has come against, you guessed it, the Lakers. If they want to hoist the trophy at season’s end, they’ll need to be just as good on the road.

Denver will contend in the West.
Chauncey Billups’ impact has been monumental for the Nuggets. He’s averaging 18 points and 6 assists per game. With Billups at the point, look for the Nuggets to make some noise in the postseason.

Everyone will be watching how Derrick Rose handles his first playoffs.
The #1 pick of the 2008 draft has lead the Bulls to the playoffs. Now, he has the chance to lead them even farther.

Finally, the Trailblazers are back in the playoffs!

The Trailblazers are the second youngest team in the league, but play like grizzled vets. The Brandon Roy led squad is looking to give the Portland fans something to cheer about, they haven’t been in the postseason since 2003. With home court in the 1st round, they should advance.

Garnett or bust.
The Celtics have no chance to repeat as champs if Kevin Garnett is not healthy, period!

Houston will not make it out of the 1st round.
The Rockets entered the final day of the season with a chance to finish 2nd in the West, but after losing to the Mavericks they are now the 5th seed. Without home court advantage and McGrady, their chances of survival are slim.

Is there any way the Mavericks can make a postseason run?
No. Defensively they are too sporadic and Dirk can’t win a series on his own. Yeah, Jason Terry scores nearly 20 off the bench, but they lack firepower when it counts. Josh Howard often disappears in the second half and Jason Kidd is not an offensive threat anymore. Besides, even with Ginobli out, their chances are slim in the 1st round against the Spurs.

J. R. Smith will be the wild card for the Nuggets.
Shot selection will be key for the youngster in the postseason, he shoots 40 percent from behind the arch and if he’s on fire he could literally win a game by himself. But if he’s not, then the Nuggets will suffer. Consistency will be key for Smith, he was a 15 ppg scorer this season and if he keeps that mind set he will be an asset in the playoffs.

Kobe is on a title mission.
This guy is as competitive as they come. His Lakers failed to bring the title home last year, but expect a more focused and dominate Bryant in the playoffs. In his eyes, anything less than a championship will be considered a failure.

Lebron will attempt to lead his Cavs to the promise land
The Cavs made it to the Finals in 2007 riding the coat tail of King James. With Mo Williams providing more offensive power and with a dependable bench, the Cavs will make it to the NBA Finals, but winning will be difficult. As I said before, Kobe’s on a mission.

Mark Cuban won’t be levied with a fine.
Not because he will be on his best behavior, but because the Mavs won’t last long enough for him to do/say something stupid.

No one will be able to stop Dwight Howard
Well, no one besides the officials.

Oden will finally break out
I know it’s hard to believe, but I think things will finally click for him in the playoffs.

Piston fans better take advantage of the Pistons’ first two home games.
Because those will be the final two games in Motown. This series has sweep written all over it.

Questioning of the officials will intensify.
Yeah, I wrote about this at the beginning of the season and surprise, nothing has changed. If anything, it’s gotten worse. Add the bright lights of the playoffs and it spells lots of controversy.

Robert Horry aint suiting up.
So who’s gonna hit the big shot?

San Antonio is being slept on.
Not much is being said about the Spurs, but this team is too experienced to take lightly. If the injury bug doesn’t bite them anymore than it already has, they could do some damage.

Tyson Chandler needs to channel the Tyson Chandler from last season.
We know CP3 and David West are gonna get theirs. If Chandler gives them what he gave them last year in the playoffs, watch out!

Utah COULD make things interesting against the Lakers.
COULD is the key word. This team underachieved all season. The talent is definitely there. If they can string together a couple of good games, things could get real interesting.

Vinny Del Negro has the chance to prove his critics wrong.
I’ll admit, I wasn’t a believer. That could be all wiped away because Del Negro has
a great chance to cap off his 1st season with an upset of the defending NBA champs.

Wade is gonna show why he should be MVP.
You just watch

Xtra care will be taken when Craig Sager selects his outfits.
It’s the playoffs, baby. Time to bring out the “good clothes”. This should be interesting.

You should celebrate the defense being played.
I know it may take time to realize it (since you didn’t see much of it in the regular season), but there will be some great defense being played. And on almost every possession too. I’m serious.

That’s the chances that David Stern wants to see the Finals be any other match up than Lakers, Cavaliers

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