The Worst Ceremonial First Pitches

Opening day is finally upon us. So you know what that means……ceremonial first pitches. Which also means, we give you the worst ceremonial first pitches. Did you expect anything different from us?

Mariah Carey in heels and dukes. Looks good, but as for the pitch….not so good.

Some people know that they have a noodle for an arm. The mayor (or former mayor) of Cincinnati is one of them. He doesn’t even look like he’s surprised that the ball didn’t get remotely close to the plate.

This video isn’t the best quality and neither is the first pitch. He does get points for trying to take out the umpire though.

You know you’re bad when your first pitch is the inspiration for a song for a beer commercial

Don’t know what’s being said but I do know that the pitch was pretty bad. Even after the professional looking wind up.

When you throw this bad, you have to be a good sport about it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    the guy that hit the ump on the head had great stuff.

  2. where the hell is Gary "Ba Ba Booey" Del'bate's pitch..that was horrible!!

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