Why do athletes receive less publicity for good behavior?

Houston Texans RB Ryan Moats should be commended for his admirable display of restraint and his remarkable showing of maturity and understanding, but after the interviews are over this story will be all but forgotten.

After receiving unprofessional treatment from Dallas police officer Robert Powell, Moats accepted his apology and showed no visible signs of ill will. How many of us can say that we’d show the same level of forgiveness so soon? Not many. How many athletes would have been forgiving? Just one, Ryan Moats.

Though his wife Tamishia did, Moats never made it to his mother-in-law’s,45 year-old Jonetta Collinworths, death bed. Nevertheless, this young NFLer has not chosen the path of many of his contemporaries.

It’s sad to see that this story has received much less media coverage than the Michael Vick’s or Plaxico Burress’ stories, we all know it won’t experience the same longevity. What does this say about our society? Are we more intrigued with convictions and law breaking than we are with a gentleman’s behavior. When did killing dogs and shooting yourself become more appealing than a family’s story of loss? I don’t know, but if this is an indication of things to come, we all are in trouble.

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  1. S. Evans says:

    The cop just resigned. Told you it wouldn’t be long.

  2. Los Brown says:

    At least they let him resign instead of firing him, that man got kids and a wife, hope he finds something soon. We all make mistakes.

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