Who Needs A Job When You Can Run An Arizona Cardinals Fan Club

Meet the Gilmore family. The guy with the red hair, that’s Dave. And that’s his wife, Colleen and their three daughters, Courtney, Zowie, and Saydee. Now that we’ve all been introduced, let’s get to the important things that Dave is doing with his life.

Dave is the founder and president of the Arizona Cardinals Fan Club. He has launched the Big Red Army and it’s fine little website right here. I know, this seems very trivial, but I wouldn’t advise you to tell that to Mr. Gilmore. To him, this is serious business. So serious, that he quit his job to embark on a journey in fan clubbery.

I started my quest on building a fan club, and at first I thought it was just getting a bunch of guys together and having a good time, Gilmore said. It is a full-blown company. It is my job, my full-time job.

Gilmore quit his job as a regional director of sales for a national hotel chain to start the Cardinals fan club the day he flew out to watch Super Bowl XLIII, and he was determined to make the fan club happen, win or lose.

This is not about the money, Gilmore said. It is about what I love to do. I am very passionate about the Cardinals.

Passionate is definitely an understatement. The man quit his job to captain a fan club for one of the worst franchises, historically in the NFL. That can’t be anything but love. And even after the love has gone, he can be passionate about that $60 annual fee that he’s charging. Hey, the man has to eat, right?

Big Red Army of Cardinals fans building ranks with fan club (AZCentral.com)

* Photo courtesy of Tatiana Hensley/The Arizona Republic

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t give him a dime. This guys is a liar, thief, and has skated on his last two employers. He’ll skate on anything that he promises. For someone who claims to be the number one fan sadly he has none!

  2. S. Evans says:

    Wow, you know this guy?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that’s some strong words coming from an individual that wants to sit behind a desk and hide.This is truly a sad world, this guy is just trying to do something good.But there is always going to be those people that will try to destroy things for other people.I don’t know this guy and and if he made mistakes in his past(and we have all done) well then that is the past. I think what he is trying to do is great.if you have a promblem with him grow up and get in touch with him.

  4. S. Evans says:

    Is Anonymous trying to pick a fight wih Anonymous?

  5. I guess he doesn’t know money is tight these days.$60 is too much money.

  6. S. Evans says:

    $60 a year aint bad. I wouldn’t spend that, but it aint bad.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. He crazy for quitting his job though.

  9. Eric smith says:

    this guy, is something someone should look up to, this guys shows passion about what we love to do, come on this guy quit his job, to show how much passion he has for the cardinals, i dont like the cards, so i wouldn’t ever pay for that, but there is plenty of people in this world that do, and someday his business will blossom, just from a simple seed someone soled into this business, and so with that said i think we all have something to learn from this guy, and thats passion for what you love to do, not just for the money, all the time you see guys in the national football league playing because of there heart, and then there is some guys that are you and just got drafted and we wonder if this guy has the love for the game, and some do, and some don’t im ashamed to say this but this is right, and the people that talked about him, are the players that are immature, dont have there life together so they think they get a reward from talking about a guy that’s doing something that he loves, that’s pathetic guys. like i said we all have something to learn from him, and its the passion to do what we love, often times we take the job, that we don’t like, just because of the pay, so with that said, just do the thing you love to do, be like this guy, and take risks, it will always work out for the better, you just have to have faith in GOD,

  10. Los Brown says:

    Well said!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I don’t question his PASSION for the team or for the fan club. What I question is character, his integrity, and his ethics! David left a lot people in tears and heart broken when it was discovered that he falsified over 60k in revenue as a sales rep during his time Jobing.com. AND when the heat started coming down, instead of answering to his actions, he AGAIN lied to the Executive management and all those he worked with about having a potential life threatening medical condition that was forcing him to resign.

    Good for him if he wants to be the # 1 Fan! Sadly he fails to model the very fiber that made the Cardinals who they are today. From now on instead of painting just the top of your head try your whole face red, Red Face of Embarrassment.

    P.S. Anonymous # 2 is a sissy la-la. And so is Eric!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous, email because I would love to discuss this "stand up" guy with you. I have a friend who has a vested interest in find out where their money is. Thanks.

  13. I as well know David. As far as I can tell his charachter is seriously flawed. He does not pay contracts as agreed, he is never wrong, and he doesn't care about anything really other than making money. It is really sad. I feel really bad for the people who paid money to this man and are at some point going to get their heart ripped out by him.

    Also. Anonymous, how is Anonymous going to email you?

  14. Here we go. use BigRedTruth@gmail.com, Once I screen people, I will connect them. I don't need Mr. Gilmore threatening to sue me.

  15. Wow for all of you folks that think he is such a hero and quit his job for the love of the game….he was baout 1 hour from getting fired for not doing his job!!!! The cardinals need a better representative fo there fan club!

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