Weekly Rewind

Our recap of the some of the most talked about and influential stories of the week!

Carlie Becker, AKA Carlie Christine, the Playboy model and now former cheer leading coach. Casa Robles High fired her for what you see below…… yes being hot. Boys from the high school were seen leaving the campus in tears, really.

This week legendary broadcaster John Madden said goodbye after 30 years of game calling. Leaving the booth with a void and the ‘Turducken‘ without a carver. How will we ever survive on Thanksgiving?

The Yankees opened the New Yankee Stadium with class (and a loss) They’ve already made history. Not good history, but the kind you’d like to forget, they lost to the Cleveland Indians 22-4 on Saturday.

The NBA playoffs kicked off on Saturday. Here’s your guide. Go Lakers. Kobe all the way!

Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge suffered a “minor” heart attack. Learning your star player will miss the postseason will do it every time. Thanks a lot KG. LOL.

What a week!

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