There’s At Least One Taker For Mike Vick

No, it’s not the 49ers. And no, it’s not the Lions. In fact, it’s not even a NFL team. The taker? The newly formed Orlando squad in the new United Football League. And how fitting, former NFL coach, Jim Haslett is Orlando’s head coach. You can’t even make this type of stuff up.

Obviously there’s a process …. but I do believe that guys deserve a second chance,” Haslett said during an Orlando meet-and-greet Tuesday at the Shingle Creek Resort. “I know Michael personally from playing against him and spending time with him. I think he is a pretty good kid.

Orlando is the likely place Vick would land should he wind up in the UFL. The league teams are aligned in regionality with NFL divisions, and Orlando’s alignment is with the NFC and AFC south divisions. That means Orlando would get those players discarded by teams in those divisions, which includes the Atlanta Falcons.

Obviously, Haslett is ready to get his hands on Vick and he may not be the only one in the UFL. UFL commissioner, Michael Huyghue is all-in too.

First of all, we’re a family-based league and we are not going to be a league of renegades,” Huyghue said. “That being said, players will find that this is a league for second chances and there will be opportunities for players like Michael Vick who, after they’ve paid their debt to society, and if he’s cleared from his situation with the NFL, he’d certainly be a person that we would look at.

Under a perfect circumstance, this league would welcome him.

Let me translate the statement “Under a perfect circumstance, this league would welcome him”. What he really means is, “Under any circumstance, this league would welcome him”.

Orlando team would welcome Michael Vick in new UFL (Orlando Sentinel)

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