Tell Us How You Really Feel, Cito

Toronto Blue Jays manager, Cito Gaston has finally confirmed that he believes everything that we believe about Roger Clemens. Namely, that he’s an “a-hole”.

He’s an a—–e himself. A complete a—–e, Gaston said with a chuckle. “And I’ll say that loud, right in his face. It was all about him. Ain’t about nobody else but him.

Oh and he wasn’t done. He then touched on Clemens’ “me first” attitude.

When he’s pitching, everyone’s in the dugout pulling for him, but when he’s not pitching he’s not in the dugout, Gaston said. I didn’t feel like he supported his teammates as much as he wanted support.

It was widely known that Clemens publicly challenged Gaston’s authority and some believe he even had a hand in getting him fired back in the day. But Gaston maintains that Clemens never brought his criticisms to him personally because if he did, there certainly would’ve been some furniture moving.

He wouldn’t (confront me). One of us would have had an ass whuppin’ that day, Gaston said. It might have been me, but he still would have known I was there.

After reading those words, I now think I will name my first born, Cito.

Cito Gaston has sharp words for Roger Clemens (The Star)

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