Stallworth faces prison; a senseless loss of life

Browns WR Dante Stallworth appeared in a Miami courtroom on Thursday morning to answer to DUI manslaughter charges. The incident occurred on March 14.

Heading home from a night out, the 28-year old’s car hit and killed 59-year old Mario Reyes. According to Florida state prosecutors, Stallworth’s blood-alcohol level was .12, considerably higher than the state’s legal limit .o8. If convicted Stallworth faces a maximum of 15-years in prison.

Its sad that this story is not surprising. Many professional athletes act as if they are invincible or above the law. Stallworth now joins the list of pro athletes that make heinous decisions that affects both their lives and the lives of others. The Reyes family has suffered a great lost, a lost that could have easily been avoided. How? By hiring a personal driver. Stallworth signed a 7-year/$35M contract last off-season, he can surely afford to hire a driver while he enjoys an intoxicated night on the town.

Too often pro athletes are found guilty of drunk driving, hopefully this incident will force pro team owners to put clauses into contracts preventing the offense. How many more people have to die before something is done? As it stands, one life is already too many.

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