Stafford has $41.7M reasons not to fail

If you want a guy to feel enormous amounts of pressure try giving him $41.7M guaranteed bucks before he’s taken one NFL snap. Oh, I almost forgot, the notoriously terrible Detroit Lions did give their #1 draft pick ,Matthew Stafford, that type of loot.

Am I bitter he got millions before he’s played one NFL game? No, although I believe the NFL, like the NBA and MLB, should cap rookies salaries. Its almost ironic that guys in the NFL that prove themselves year after year have to fight to get contracts like rookies drafted in the top ten. Makes no sense at all.

Hopefully the NFL’s players association will get owners and the league to changed this practice. In most professions you’re giving an entry level salary and in time, if you succeed and your performance is solid, then the big bucks start rolling in. Obviously the NFL has never observed that practice.

Matt Stafford may be a great quarterback in five years or he could be another Joey Harrington, Alex Smith or David Carr who knows. Stafford started nearly 40 games in his collegiate career and the Lions have decided to make him their savior on that basis. Is Matt Millen a consultant for the Lions? Because this is exactly what he would have done, and recent history has proven that Millen type decisions lead directly to failure.

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