Some How, Some Way, The Jaguars Were Able To Make Their New Jerseys More Plain Than The Old Ones

On the heels of the Detroit Lions unveiling their new logo, the Jacksonville Jaguars decided to reveal their newly spruced up uniforms. The only problem is that they forgot the sprucing part.

I wasn’t much of a fan of the old jerseys, but after seeing the new ones, I’m all for the old ones. So just in case you haven’t been able to catch a glimpse of the new unis, I’ll give you a look at them along with my feelings on them. Why must I add my feelings? Cuz that’s what I do.

So here’s a shot of Maurice Jones-Drew in his new t-shirt jersey. You see that football he’s holding? That’s the most fancy thing in this picture.

Here we have Scott Starks and Rashean Mathis. If you look closely, you can see that they’re both missing their old duds. Starks even seems to be confused as to what he’s supposed to do with/in all this. Look closely. It’s written all over their faces.

So apparently, this helmet is coated with some “special paint” to help it glimmer and shine. I thought this was football. Not nail polishing school. It’s a helmet. Who care’s if glimmers and shimmers? Or whatever they were going for here.

Finally, here is the banner. And the ladies. (Hey ladies!) To explain what came to mind when I saw this banner, I have to take you back. Back to your days on the high school football team. Or to your days of just attending your high school football team’s games. Or your days of wishing you had friends. After warm ups, the team would retreat to the locker room only to burst through a banner (made by the cheerleaders, might I add) back onto the field right before the game started. So basically, I’m still waiting on the picture of the Jaguars bursting through this banner. And yes, it looks like it was made by the cheerleaders.

So let’s recap. I’m not really fond of these new jerseys. As a matter of fact, they suck. I think that sums it up. How do you feel?

* Photos courtesy of Black and Teal

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