Questionable poses: Steroid edition

Major League Baseball is among us again. The boys of summer are back and with them they have brought a constant suspicion of steroid use. Most of us are not naive enough to believe that only a few players have or do use, but what do we expect? These guys are faced with the reality that if they don’t perform, they don’t get the big bucks. If someone offered me $20M a year, I’d use roids, at least for a while, to make certain I kept my job also, you would too. Also baseball players are not the only professional athletes that use the juice, but that’s another story all together. Nevertheless, this edition of Questionable poses is dedicated to MLB and its brightest stars.

Alex Rodriguez– After a long, hard work out, A-Rod gets a nice rub down, don’t ask why the big guy is shirtless. Perhaps he’s getting his thoughts together before he injects the juice.

Jason Giambi– This guy has become a joke, not just because of the steroid use, but his play on the field has declined steadily. This is why guys use steroids, it makes average players great enough to get big money from suckers, I mean the Steinbrenners.

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  1. Looking at this pic is starting to make me think A-Rod is playing for the other team.

  2. Los Brown says:

    You could be right!

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