Questionable Poses: Former Fighting Champs

Fighters don’t always know when its time to move on, but I commend the recently retired Oscar De La Hoya and soon to be retired Chuck Liddell for stepping away from their respective sports , (De La Hoya-Boxing and Liddell-MMA), before their efforts became pathetic. Both fighters are former champs, but suffered beat downs in their last fights. Instead of encouraging more training, those beat downs served their purpose by enabling them come to the realization that the sport has passed them by. Good move guys, but nevertheless they have left us with priceless photos to question forever.

Oscar De La Hoya– The 10-time world champ has had many glorious days, this was not one of them. The infamous fish net cat suit, it’ll do it to you every time.

Chuck Liddell– The former UFC light heavyweight champ is questioning the continuance of his fighting career. After he weighs his options and makes a decision, like Brittany Spears he’ll one day ask himself why was he anywhere in the vicinity of Kevin Federline, AKA K-Fed.

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