The Only Negative Of Michigan State Advancing To Tonight’s Championship Game Is Now Jim Delany Has A Reason To Open His Mouth

This here is Jim Delany. You know him. He’s the commissioner of the Big Ten. And he’s the same Jim Delany that thinks the Big Ten’s s#@t don’t stink. Now that Michigan State will play in tonight’s championship game, he’s taking the opportunity to rub it in the face of all of those that had the gall to say the Big Ten sucked this season. Namely, ESPN and CBS.

I don’t think it’s the beat writers, Delany told a small group of reporters during the off day Sunday at the Final Four. I think it’s mostly electronic media and I think it’s mostly CBS and ESPN. Their acumen and their insight are not backed up by the performance of the teams over time.

Delany refused to name names, but said the analysts are so East Coast-oriented that they miss great basketball being played elsewhere. CBS and ESPN analysts weren’t the only ones to disparage the Big Ten this season. The league’s defensive style was largely unappealing and culminated in Penn State’s 38-33 win over Illinois on Feb. 18.

The East Coast-oriented coverage point is a legitimate one, but to say that we missed great Big Ten basketball is pushing it. We saw Big Ten basketball and frankly, it wasn’t very good. And if Delany was truly honest with himself, he would agree. But I won’t hold my breath. I’m more interested in finding out where all this energy was earlier in the season. Where was Delany when the Big Ten lost in the Big Ten/ACC challenge……again? Where was Delany when two of his teams combined to score 71 points? He was no where to be found. But now that the Spartans have a chance to take home the title, he all of a sudden has an opinion. Timing is everything, my friend.

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